Woodbury Violin Lessons

Woodbury Violin Lessons

If you are looking for Woodbury violin lessons near you, you have come to the right place.  As a full time professional Suzuki violin educator, I have my Masters Degree in Violin Performance from DePaul University.  In addition, I have had Suzuki teacher training in all ten books.

For those students and parents looking for Woodbury violin lessons, I teach only a few minutes away.

I feel that those people who are in search of Woodbury violin lessons really admire the Suzuki method given the results it produces.  However, like all violin teaching methods, it has its faults too.  One of those in some people’s eyes is delaying note reading.  Delayed note reading is good for developing technique but different musical skills take time to develop and refine.  Depending on the age of the student, I introduce note reading soon after the first lesson.  In addition, I also like to introduce vibrato in book one as vibrato enhances the sound of the violin.  I find that after students learn vibrato, there seems to be a greater desire to play the violin.

In my opinion students who are beginning Woodbury violin lessons seem to thrive doing various musical activities.  People looking for Woodbury violin lessons seem more motivated when there is plenty of lesson material to practice.  However I try to be very careful overloading a student with too much material to practice.  Giving too much for a student to work on can lead to frustration which can have the opposite effect.  For this reason, I like to check in frequently with students and parents.

When it comes to playing the violin, there are different musical styles one can enjoy.  Students and parents alike looking for Woodbury violin lessons will appreciate the flexibility of musical styles the violin offers.

The Suzuki method in my view does a great job of developing the ability to play by ear.  Learning a piece by ear lends itself well to various fiddle music styles.  Therefore, I teach this ability early on in conjunction with note reading.  If you enjoy Northern style fiddling as can be found with fiddler, Aly Bain, playing by ear is a great asset as some of his music is not written out.  The same goes for Mark O’Connor who is versatile in Southern style fiddling as well as other genres.

For those students looking for Woodbury violin lessons, I am very close to the 3M corporate headquarters.  I am near Radio Drive, McKnight Road, Upper Afton Road and Century Avenue.  Highways convenient to this location include 94/12 and 494. In addition, I am also close to Sterling Street North and Hudson Place/Burns Ave and Brookview Drive East.  Christ United Methodist Church (CUMC) is five miles from Woodbury which is convenient for Woodbury violin lessons.  Battle Creek Park is also very close to CUMC as well.

For a list of my openings for Woodbury violin lessons, please see my openings page.

Please contact me if you have any questions about my teaching style regarding Woodbury violin lessons near you.  I can guarantee that I will almost always get back to you in a few hours.

If you are interested in Woodbury violin lessons and my openings aren’t ideal, please contact me and I can try to work something out.