Cottage Grove Violin Lessons

Cottage Grove Violin Lessons

If you are looking for Cottage Grove violin lessons near you, you have come to the right place.  As a full time professional Suzuki violin educator, I have my Masters Degree in Violin Performance from DePaul University.  In addition, I am Suzuki teacher trained in all ten books.

Students inquiring about Cottage Grove violin lessons may want to have a couple of lessons before committing to lessons.  I understand the need to see if my teaching style is compatible with your learning needs.

My Maplewood location, Christ United Methodist Church, is across from 3M making this location convenient for those looking for Cottage Grove Violin Lessons.

I am close to highways 494, 694, 94/12 as well as highway 61. I am 15 minutes from Cottage Grove.  In addition, Christ United Methodist is very close to Battle Creek Park and the SunRay Shopping Center. For availability at this location, please see openings.

Cottage Grove violin lessons I give are open to all ages and abilities.  You may be an adult looking to play in a community orchestra or a parent that appreciates the benefits of a musical education.   Rest assured my lessons will be customized to your musical goals.

Please contact me if you have any questions about my teaching style regarding Cottage Grove violin lessons near you.  In addition to using the Suzuki method, I have a few main books I utilize in developing violin technique.  These include “40 Variations Op. 3,” “Melodious Double Stops” by Josephine Trott and “Scale System for Violin” by Carl Flesch.

For those students interested in Cottage Grove violin lessons, I encourage you to contact me if my lesson openings are not ideal so I can try to work something out.  I can guarantee that I will almost always get back to you in 12 hours.

People searching for Cottage Grove violin lessons may also want to learn how to play fiddle music or jazz violin.  Popular jazz violinists include Stephane Grapelli, Jean-Luc Ponty and others.  In cases were sheet music may not be available, it is important to learn how to play by ear.  In my opinion, the Suzuki method does an excellent job of training students to learn by ear.  Some people may hesitate in learning via the Suzuki method as they are concerned about the delay in learning to read music.  Because of this, I introduce note reading as soon as the student is ready.  To be a complete and versatile musician, I stress note reading and playing by ear from the very beginning.